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      I coach career minded women to carve out a path     
to greater satisfaction in their career, life and faith

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Research shows two factors, a coach and a broad network, influences and equips a leader of a nonprofit to successfully accomplishing their mission and reaching their outcomes.


A Leadership Coach will assist you to identify your leadership goals, addressing obstacles, and developing an actionable plan. Coaching can also provide a way forward to  maximize your full potential and reach your desired leadership results


Coaching creates a unique context for leaders to gain greater clarity about their values and vision and develop new skills.


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Experience God’s Restorative Love Flowing More Freely In Your Life!

By Rebekah Sumrall

A month ago I was introduced to a new Spiritual Health Inventory, Soul Metrics, GPS Spiritual Health Inventory. I personally took the inventory and gained many new insights and awareness of my spiritual journey in my current stage of spiritual formation. Spiritual Intelligence greatly impacts our life and our spiritual journey

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march-blog2_blog 10 warning signs for le


10 Warning signs leaders should not ignore.                     

By Alli Worthington  

Imagine you had a leadership thermometer that measured your leadership health. Would you find you were cold and indifferent or overheating from burnout? Although there’s no such gadget, there are signs leaders should not ignore that could determine if it’s time to invest in yourself.

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